ST Audio Player Lite v3.0

***Redesigned for usability***
Added support for *.AAC media files
Sort by track number is now implemented
Playlist can now remove individual tracks
Now included a utility for controlling media codecs
Now available as an installer. And more interesting features

ST Audio Player Lite v3.0
ST Software
ST Software
ST Software
ST Software
ST Software

Awesome Features

Core features of ST Audio Player

ST Audio Player Lite v3.0
  • Easy to use

    Easy to use, such that you dont need any computer skill to use this Gorgeous application. Easy to customize to suite your need. Providing you with a nice look and feel.

  • Play many audio file formats

    you don't need to install codecs, you can play any popular audio file.

  • Amazing Compatibility

    This application supports both Windows 32 bit, but also works perfect on windows 64 bit. Also, It runs independently without external files, Making it to be more portable..

  • Advanced Settings

    You can set file association. You can change the theme.

Available on Windows

This program works on both windows 32bit and 64bit

ST Audio Player Lite v3.0

Software screenshots

With this gorgeous user interface

A Vibrant Showcase

check this out before you even download it!



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